A Lonely Place to Die

“ A Lonely Place to Die” (2011) is thriller directed by Julian Gilbey that stars Sean Harris, Melissa George, Ed Speleers, Kate Magowan, Karel Roden, and Eamonn Walker. I found this gem home on break surfing Netflix in search of a movie and saw the title and picked it for some reason. It starts out with very nice scenic and capturing views of the Scottish Highlands where friends find joy and a rush in hiking and rock climbing. While hiking through the woods one of the five friends here something and keeps hearing it and then finally the group finds what to appears to be a metal pipe coming from the ground which is for breathing. The group goes into panic mode and starts to dig up the grass and moss and find its a box about 2 feet under ground nailed shut with just the pipe exposing any light into the box. Once they finally get the top piece of wood off they find a young girl who has been buried alive basically.

The group decides it that three should head down the river with the girl while the other two run and battle extreme terrain and conditions in order to reach the closet village to call for a helicopter to rescue this girl. It never sat right with me once they found this girl in the middle of no where, with no explanation and plus the fact she cannot speak english which makes it extra hard for the group to communicate with her and gain her trust. This movie picks up and pretty much stays a steady edge of your seat rate from here on out. This girl was kidnapped and being held for a ransom, the kidnappers are not happy this happened and start to hunt and murder the group one by one. It is a game of survival. It was a very good movie that had me guessing the whole time and I never solved it until the end. If you have Netflix please take a chance to see this !!! Thanks ! — J.T.



“Homefront” (2013) is a action thriller that was directed by Gary Fleder and produced by Sylvester Stallone, which stars Jason Statham, James Franco, Winona Ryder, and Kate Bosworth. All very well knowen for movies they are in of various genres like Jason Statham in actions flims like “Transporter”, James Franco with comedy in “Pineapple Express”, Winona Ryder with “Mr. Deeds”, and Kate Bosworth from the girl surfing movie “Blue Crush”. It is neat to see such a diverse cast put together to what I thought was a great movie. Everyone had their own take on the movie but it was actually based on the novel titled “Homefront” by Chuck Logan. I had never really heard of Chuck Logan so I looked him up and found out he is a Vietnam War veteran who is known for his series of novels which involve the same character ex-police officer and ex-solider named Phil Broker who Jason Statham plays in the movie and James Franco as Gator the bad guy.

I watched the movie and thought it was a strong cast and great plot that stemmed all from the simple conflict between two children in a school yard that leads to kidnapping, meth, DEA, guns, deaths and much more. Broker is trying to live a normal life and stay left alone in what seemed to be New Orleans and raise his daughter after the loss of his wife the year before. Well as usual in every Statham movie he is know for his fighting skills is what escalates this whole movie after his daughter is bullied on the playground and thanks to her dad (Statham) she knows a few tricks and takes down the bully. The bully’s mom (Kate Bosworth) confronts Broker about his daughter and then the bully’s dad steps where Broker takes him down so quick and embarrasses him in front of his whole family and others at the school picking up their kids from school.

I don’t want to give up more of the movie but you can only imagine where this leads from here involving a underground off the radar meth ring. The movie is packed with action and keeps you guessing ! It can be seen OnDemand and at a RedBox near you ! Thanks again ! — J.T.

Runner Runner

“Runner Runner” (2013) crime action thriller was directed by Brad Furman who is well known for his 2011 movie he directed “Lincoln Lawyer”. Funny enough Leonardo DiCaprio was one of the producers of this film which starred, Justin Timberlake, Ben Affleck, Gemma Arterton and Anthony Mackie. It was released in the US about a month after being released overseas and countries world wide. The movie is partly based on the life of Nat Arem who is a pro poker player and ex accountant who helped uncover rigged and cheating in online poker games by using statistical math as a means to solve and analyze thousands of games, with Hollywoods creativity at work too to add it’s own touch to the story.

Justin Timberlake plays “Richie Furst” who used to be well off from Wall Street which denied him to receive tuition assistance at Princeton. So in order to pay for his masters degree he refers other students to online gambling sites and he gets a cut of everyone who he refers. The dean soon becomes aware of these actions and tells him he will be expelled if he continues. So he puts it all on the line in a game on online poker and loses every dollar to his name. However using statistics he proves the system is rigged and his money was stolen from him by cheaters.

Timberlake takes matters into his own hands and travels to meet with Ivan Block ( played by Ben Affleck) in Costa Rica who runs this online gambling empire. He confronts Ivan which went actually ok and Ivan finds men have coded games to be cheated and fires him. Leaving Ivan to ask Richie if he wants to make millions and work for him and help him improve the site……
This leads Richie into a world of trouble, but was it all worth it ?? You decide and watch “Runner Runner” on OnDemand or RedBox near you ! Thanks for reading ! — J.T.

All is Lost

“All is Lost”(2013) directed and written by J. C Chandor is a survival film starring Robert Redford as the main and only character playing a alone man lost at sea. Released originally at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival which is in France and actually the head judge of the festival is Steven Spielberg. I just had the pleasure of watching this movie last night and it has certainly made it’s way into my top ten all time favorites. You really have to be patient and have a appreciation for film and cinematography to watch this film. The only character you hear, see, and watch is Redford, which makes this film special and power for the viewer in my opinion. Continuously finding me putting myself in his shoes and wondering what I would do or how I would handle the situation. It will for sure have you sitting on the edge of your seat the whole time guessing the next thing thrown his way.

The movie opens with these lines said by Redford after “Somewhere in the Indian Ocean” appears on the screen then is just the open sea with Redford’s voice saying “I’m sorry. I know that means little at this point, but I am. I tried. I think you would all agree that I tried. To be true, to be strong, to be kind, to love, to be right, but I wasn’t.” He declares, “All is lost.” Which really kind of set the emotion standard right there. I was like well this ending should be interesting….

Anyways, he is sleeping inside the bottom deck of the sail boat when all of the sudden you here a thud noise very loud that wakes him up, more so when lots and lots of water starts rushing in filling the floor with about a foot of water, panic instantly sets in. He goes up onto the top deck to see what he hit and it turns he ran right into the corner of a huge abandoned floating cargo container in the middle of the sea. It hit right on the perfect spot for everything to wrong. He instantly goes into fix mode and starts to attempt to mend problems, but this is just the start of the solo journey based purely off survival, will, heart, and determination. Sharks, storms, waves, sun, starvation, helplessness, are just some of the things you’ll cross while watching this movie.

It’s still new so you’ll need to watch it on ONDemand, or for those with Apple TV you can rent a HD version for 24 hours for $4.99, it’s well worth the 5 bones, trust me. Have a good day and I hope you have a chance to see this film!    — J.T. Landon

2 Guns- What did you think ?

“2 Guns” your opinion ? This American action film starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg had very mixed reviews, scoring a 6.8/10 from about 88,000 voters on IMDb and very other mixed reviews from sites like rotten tomatoes gave it a 64% percent. However after seeing this film for the first time I actually really liked it. Now it was different to see Washington playing this funny but yet normal Washington on screen mentality, and once again just like “The Other Guys” Wahlberg brings many laughs from start to end in this movie. I have really come to like these funny roles the he has been taking that stray from the normal action and serious movies he plays in. They actually worked very well together on the big screen and blend and mold to become quiet the duo.

The plot itself was very creative and caught me off guard, having Denzel being a undercover DEA agent and Marky Mark a US Navy Seal who are both posing as criminals to rob a bank. They are robbing the bank for money for two different reasons that end up throwing a hue wrench in both “crooks” plans.

Denzel needs to rob this bank for money to give to a cartel money because he failed to get cocaine on a drug exchange which leads to him wanting to use the money to get him on money laundering charges as a means of convecting him. Wahlberg is stealing the money for covert operation funds. They only believe they are robbing 3 million but are surprised to find they have robbed 43 million dollars. Wahlberg is ordered to take out Denzel, however finding out hes a agent he shoots to  wound . These actions now make them both targets of their own groups leaving them no choice but to have each others backs and make it rain.

This is a must see action and I don’t want to give to much more away, however a little insider…. the 43 million is the CIA’s money they end up stealing………

feel free to comment !

Thanks — J.T.

Transformers : Age of Extinction (Coming Soon 2014)

Transformers is on of the best selling trilogy films, and about to release the fourth here in the upcoming year of 2014. Personally I did watch Transformers as a kid growing up so when it hit the big screen and brought these animations to life and Megan Fox, I was in love again. Now as we all saw these movies started with Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox as the big box office couple who take down the Decepticons and save the human race and the world keeps going round. Well that was the trend until we saw the third installment which did not include Megan Fox but did have Shia LaBeouf. Many rumors spread as to why this happened and not including the star studded Megan Fox but once again that did not change the outcome of the film. Micheal Bay has continued to be the director for all four films, however in this fourth installment Shia LaBeouf will not be taking the screen, however your boy Marky Mark Wahlberg will be the main star of Age of Extinction with Nicola Peltz as his daughter.

As we all remember the third movie ended with not so good tensions between the Autobots and humans because the only reason the Decepticons came back last time was to destroy the Autobots once and for all. So now in Age of Extinction the humans have no respect nor trust for the Autobots and declare war on all robots to destroy them once and for all with our military forces. however we will also find that the humans attempt to make their own “Autobots” to help them fight but of course nothing can ever remain for so long, they end up turning on the humans, which helps the Decepticons and their plan to extinct the human race.

***Spoiler Alert- Good thing Marky Mark and his daughter (Peltz) find Optimus Prime and the gang to help them take back their world and bring back the good in the name Autobots and so the humans they can trust them and protect them as long as they remain on earth.

The movie is not out yet so that’s all I want to say without giving to much away or leading into what I think is going to happen in the movie. See for yourself when it comes out at a theater near you !! Thanks and have good day. — J.T.