2 Guns- What did you think ?

“2 Guns” your opinion ? This American action film starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg had very mixed reviews, scoring a 6.8/10 from about 88,000 voters on IMDb and very other mixed reviews from sites like rotten tomatoes gave it a 64% percent. However after seeing this film for the first time I actually really liked it. Now it was different to see Washington playing this funny but yet normal Washington on screen mentality, and once again just like “The Other Guys” Wahlberg brings many laughs from start to end in this movie. I have really come to like these funny roles the he has been taking that stray from the normal action and serious movies he plays in. They actually worked very well together on the big screen and blend and mold to become quiet the duo.

The plot itself was very creative and caught me off guard, having Denzel being a undercover DEA agent and Marky Mark a US Navy Seal who are both posing as criminals to rob a bank. They are robbing the bank for money for two different reasons that end up throwing a hue wrench in both “crooks” plans.

Denzel needs to rob this bank for money to give to a cartel money because he failed to get cocaine on a drug exchange which leads to him wanting to use the money to get him on money laundering charges as a means of convecting him. Wahlberg is stealing the money for covert operation funds. They only believe they are robbing 3 million but are surprised to find they have robbed 43 million dollars. Wahlberg is ordered to take out Denzel, however finding out hes a agent he shoots to  wound . These actions now make them both targets of their own groups leaving them no choice but to have each others backs and make it rain.

This is a must see action and I don’t want to give to much more away, however a little insider…. the 43 million is the CIA’s money they end up stealing………

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Thanks — J.T.


One thought on “2 Guns- What did you think ?

  1. Loved the movie, it was full of action. I liked the plot and twists and feel like both actors always have memorable characters in the films they’ve starred in and have created this “bad ass” brand for themselves through these types of roles. But some of the action was pretty unrealistic, I can see why it didn’t get all 5 stars. Nobody can shoot a helicopter pilot out of the sky with a 45.

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