A Lonely Place to Die

“ A Lonely Place to Die” (2011) is thriller directed by Julian Gilbey that stars Sean Harris, Melissa George, Ed Speleers, Kate Magowan, Karel Roden, and Eamonn Walker. I found this gem home on break surfing Netflix in search of a movie and saw the title and picked it for some reason. It starts out with very nice scenic and capturing views of the Scottish Highlands where friends find joy and a rush in hiking and rock climbing. While hiking through the woods one of the five friends here something and keeps hearing it and then finally the group finds what to appears to be a metal pipe coming from the ground which is for breathing. The group goes into panic mode and starts to dig up the grass and moss and find its a box about 2 feet under ground nailed shut with just the pipe exposing any light into the box. Once they finally get the top piece of wood off they find a young girl who has been buried alive basically.

The group decides it that three should head down the river with the girl while the other two run and battle extreme terrain and conditions in order to reach the closet village to call for a helicopter to rescue this girl. It never sat right with me once they found this girl in the middle of no where, with no explanation and plus the fact she cannot speak english which makes it extra hard for the group to communicate with her and gain her trust. This movie picks up and pretty much stays a steady edge of your seat rate from here on out. This girl was kidnapped and being held for a ransom, the kidnappers are not happy this happened and start to hunt and murder the group one by one. It is a game of survival. It was a very good movie that had me guessing the whole time and I never solved it until the end. If you have Netflix please take a chance to see this !!! Thanks ! — J.T.


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