“Divergent” (2014) is a Action-Adventure film directed by Neil Burger and just released into theaters March of this year. The movie stars Shailene Woodley, Theo James, and Kate Winslet. I went to go see the movie right here at the Salisbury movie theater. Before going to see the movie, I never really saw any commercials or trailers on TV or even clicked one on IMBd or looked on youtube. So I was not sure what to except and hoping I was not wasting 12 dollars because going to a movie theater now a days is like a dinner date, your flat broke after. Also I told my friends I was going to see it and they said “dude it is a waste of money” or “it is going to be like another version of the hunger games” so my feelings were very mixed going into the movie….

Basically its a futuristic setting where everyone is classified and organized by “fractions” which is like the social status pyramid for the society they all live in. Each “fraction” has its own special trait that, that all those in that fraction has which make each fraction different. You take a test which determines which fraction you should choose but you make your own decision at this huge cereomny that everyone attends. Tris (Woodley) is what they call “Divergent” which means the test does not work, it is very rare to be a Divergent but must not tell anyone. She can be found out, for the leader of all the fractions (Winslet) is out to kill all Divergents and start a new world order.

I do not want to give out anymore with it still being in theaters. It was actually very good, the acting was great, the plot was very good and well written. I heard its actually based of a novel series, I personally have not read it but heard it was a best seller. The soundtrack of the movie was very well put together as well, it made the action and the scenes more intense through out the film. It is a must see and for sure do not wait until the DVD, take the advantage of the huge screen and great speakers at your local theater!! Thanks and hope you enjoy !!


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