The Change Up (2011)

“The Change Up” (2011) comedy body switch film that was directed and filmed by David Dobkin who also directed “Wedding Crashers”. The film stars Jason Bateman, Ryan Reynolds, Leslie Mann, and Olivia Wilde, all the actors are in comedy films so I did not have a doubt that this would not live live up to my expectations. I known it is three years old but I just saw it on TV tuesday night and it had me laughing so hard through out the whole movie.

Bateman and Reynolds are best friends but live two completely different lives from each other, Bateman a lawyer with a wife, kids, house, the American dream. And then there is Reynolds a aspiring actor, living in a huge open room apartment that resembles a college a dorm, with having sex with different ladies of the night according to the week day coming over, and so on. However they are both jealous of each others lifestyle believe it or not. One night they go out for some drinks at the bar and by the end of the night they are pretty wasted and pee into a fountain at the same time in the park and happen to wish they had each others lives. It is all down hill from here…….

Movie is very funny, each actor brings there own light to the film and keeps it going at a good pace the whole film. Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds were very well with each other and the body switch was perfect for the two of them because of how opposite they were and then acting like the other being spot on. This movie can be found pretty much anywhere and is still airing on TV this week so try and watch this ! Lots of hidden humor and unpredictable events that occur throughout the film like the baby changing scene in the beginning…

Hope you get to see this film and enjoy, laugh, and tell another friend to watch it ! Thanks for reading ! Have a good one. — J.T.


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