“Snitch” (2013) is a American crime drama film that was directed by Ric Roman Waugh who actually directed another movie that I have seen called “Felon” (2008) that was really good. The movie stars Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, Barry Pepper, Jon Bernthal, Michael Kenneth and Susan Sarandon. Now at first I was not sure about this movie, I get real questioned when “the Rock” is the main character but I have to admit once again he pulls it off pretty well and does a great job.

John Matthews (the Rock) is a divorced father who owns a construction company and also has a new wife and newly baby born child while his last wife is single, stressed and their first son who is about 18 lives with her. So there was conflict number one starting with all the drama in the households and between the two families. Which is never good, really more so in a divorce because it takes out a lot of communications and interaction of both parties that is much needed if they want to resolve and heal the problem or issue.

Jason (the son) agrees to let his buddy (a childhood long friends since the crib) to send a package in the mail to his house in return for some free samples of whatever it is he is mailing. It turns out its about 7000 pills of E, under this bag of pills was what looked to be a tracking device……BOOOM! The door is kicked and and raided by DEA agents. Jason books it out of his window and take off running down the street through backyards. At first you think he is going to manage to get away but he got surrounded.

This movie is actually inspired by true events, and portrays a light on our judicial system here in the US and shows how many loop holes or ways out of a situation. Some that are fair and some that are not, some that may cause you to risk your life all to clear your sons name! Watch today on Netflix or ONDemand ! Thanks — J.T.


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