“Divergent” (2014) is a Action-Adventure film directed by Neil Burger and just released into theaters March of this year. The movie stars Shailene Woodley, Theo James, and Kate Winslet. I went to go see the movie right here at the Salisbury movie theater. Before going to see the movie, I never really saw any commercials or trailers on TV or even clicked one on IMBd or looked on youtube. So I was not sure what to except and hoping I was not wasting 12 dollars because going to a movie theater now a days is like a dinner date, your flat broke after. Also I told my friends I was going to see it and they said “dude it is a waste of money” or “it is going to be like another version of the hunger games” so my feelings were very mixed going into the movie….

Basically its a futuristic setting where everyone is classified and organized by “fractions” which is like the social status pyramid for the society they all live in. Each “fraction” has its own special trait that, that all those in that fraction has which make each fraction different. You take a test which determines which fraction you should choose but you make your own decision at this huge cereomny that everyone attends. Tris (Woodley) is what they call “Divergent” which means the test does not work, it is very rare to be a Divergent but must not tell anyone. She can be found out, for the leader of all the fractions (Winslet) is out to kill all Divergents and start a new world order.

I do not want to give out anymore with it still being in theaters. It was actually very good, the acting was great, the plot was very good and well written. I heard its actually based of a novel series, I personally have not read it but heard it was a best seller. The soundtrack of the movie was very well put together as well, it made the action and the scenes more intense through out the film. It is a must see and for sure do not wait until the DVD, take the advantage of the huge screen and great speakers at your local theater!! Thanks and hope you enjoy !!


The Beach …. a hit or a miss? You decide

The Beach was actually based off a novel that came out in 1996 (movie released in 2000 directed by Danny Boyle) that was called the same title. I found this movie just surfing and shuffling through movies on netflix to watch when, I came across it I knew I had not seen this film yet. I saw it had Leonardo DiCaprio in it and he is one of my favorite actors so I gave it a chance. And boy did I not make a mistake with this pick. Its full of adventure, travel, action, and drama. I had me hooked as soon as it started. Very unique music and soundtrack and the whole idea and basis of the film is great. Richard (DiCaprio) is a student from the US who is abroad in Southeast Asia, traveling to Thailand with only the goal of doing something life changing and out of his comfort zone. He meets this crazy dude in a over night bed and breakfast type place who is going on and on while getting high and talking to DiCaprio (all through a vent that is wide open connecting the two rooms they are staying in) about this mystical and unreal place, a island, a paradise. The next morning DiCaprio goes to him for more information but finds him brutally murdered/ dead but yet has left a map he drew out by hand for DiCaprio to use to find this “beach”. He heads to the gulf of Thailand to start his voyage of a lifetime.

He ends up bringing along another couple and actually do make it to this beach that is covered with weed and men with ak-47’s……..

Without giving to much away I’d like you to view the film for yourself and tell me your feedback and reactions to this film. Some say they know it like the back of their hand and others have never even heard of the film. It’s a great movie that anyone with joys and dreams of adventure and traveling will fall in love with. It really makes you think what else is out there?? With that said please check out the film and let me know what you think. Make sure to vote on the poll !! Thanks !– J.T.

Indie Spotlight – The Kings of Summer

I had the pleasure of seeing this film about a week ago just sitting around the house bored. The description giving on ONDemand do not do this film a justice. It was a true heart felt good comedy that can be watched more then once and still find yourself laughing the whole time. It was a great movie to watch with my family and everyone was able to take something different away from the film. “The Kings of Summer” is a American made independent film released first at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and then eventually gaining release in the US in May 2013 that was selected and limited to where it was shown in theaters, hence why I saw it on ONDemand.

The movie is about a teenage boy named Joe who is just had enough of his dad (who is newly single from a death of his wife/ mother) trying to control and make him live a certain life because he is still at home while his sister on the other hand is away at college. Joe has a best friend Patrick who is having the same issues with his parents who are just plain weird and very funny. So they are both looking for this escape to their very own paradise, a chance to just live on their own and escape their parents rule and be free for once.

The two boys set off with another character who somehow ends up with them and is just one of the most funny parts of the whole movie who’s name is Biaggio. The three boys set off into the woods to build what they end up calling home for the summer. A man made, self sufficient, sustainable house/hut/man-cave in the middle of the woods with the wild. They end going “missing” while on this youthful and charming loving adventure that teaches everyone a lesson in the end. You must see this film, I don’t want to give to much away, this is a A+ movie and great to see independent films getting attention and holding value as this one did.

A must see with family or loved one or simply by yourself, its a great independent comedy that will have you laughing and in a great mood after. Look forward to a posting of the trailer on my Twitter @jtlandon5749. Thanks and have a good one ! — J.T.