Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels

“Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels” one of director Guy Ritchie’s best known films, along with others like “Snatch”, “Revolver” and the Sherlock Holmes movies! Now you need to know that Guy Ritchie has one of the most unique and different styles of filming that you have the pleasure of viewing. Very different camera angles, like from the floor up, or maybe high up from a corner of a room, or the most awkward one being where a actor will say his line and look directly at the camera like they know your looking at them.

Four blokes all round up 100,000 pounds to put it all on the line of a underground poker game that requires a 100,000 pound buy in, to play this man name Harry “the Hatchet” many men go broke or end up in life long debt to this harry and porn store owner. The four buddies (Soap, Bacon, Tom, and Eddy) think with Eddy’s poker skills they have what it takes to risk it all on one game for a investment of a lifetime. Sounds to good to be true right? Well it is not as easy as they think. With game being rigged that no one ever finds out about, Eddy loses, four times what he came with, so he entered with +100,000 and left with -500,000 in debt which he has a week to repay or he has to answer to harry who puts all four men at responsible for the loss.

The men are at a loss for words when Eddy comes back to the pub to deliver the “good news”, Eddy was in almost in a state of shock, and that is when the men realized they have one week to come up with 500,000 pounds. And that’s when the rip offs begin and the non stop action and bullets flying, with bodies dropping. If you like action and comedy then you need to see this film, it came out in 1998 so you can get it on Netflix, or DVD and also OnDemand. If I say anymore I’ll give away the film! Please see this and tell me what you think !! Feel free to comment ! Thanks ! — J.T.