“Savages”(2012) is a action crime thriller directed by Oliver Stone, that is actually based off a novel which the author help assisted in the screen play writing with Stone. It stars a pretty good cast including Blake Lively, Taylor Kitsch, Aaron Johnson, John Travolta, and Emile Hirsch. Every part is well played by each actor, and can each bring their own unique trait to the character they play.

The plot of the movie was very interesting and woven but all came together in a series of events which many never saw coming. Two buddies Ben and Chon (played by Johnson and Kitsch) are pot growers in California (Laguna Beach) . Now how they got the weed was the creative part, Chon used to be a US Navy Seal, his last tour in Afghanistan he brought back some of the best weed seeds the United States could ever smoke. Ben is a graduate from Berkeley with a dual degree in Botany and Business. With the two of their skill the THC levels were triple the numbers of any weed being cultivated at that time in the US. As you already know this led to a huge client base, bigger then they ever had to deal with before.

However thats not even half the story, they “date” the same girl (Blake Lively) and they are all ok with it, which may not sit well in some peoples stomach but hey its 2014, people are doing all types of new things now a days. So it all seems like sun, beaches, bongs, and never ending love but as we all know all good things come to a end. The three get emailed a video from the Mexican Cartel with people dead, getting heads cut off, set on fire, you know cartel stuff. So with that they agree to meet, the cartel want a partnership to profit from the sales. I’ve never actually heard the saying but “never join a partnership with the cartel” but “Savages” will make you think twice.

The movie is loaded with action, twists, and rips, but as action packed and serious as it is, they also add a little color and humor with John Travolta as the corrupt DEA agent who has his hands in everyones pocket. It was a good role to see him play and he brought laughter in serious situation with still sticking to the plot. Great movie and a must see !! Thanks !! — J.T.