Transformers : Age of Extinction (Coming Soon 2014)

Transformers is on of the best selling trilogy films, and about to release the fourth here in the upcoming year of 2014. Personally I did watch Transformers as a kid growing up so when it hit the big screen and brought these animations to life and Megan Fox, I was in love again. Now as we all saw these movies started with Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox as the big box office couple who take down the Decepticons and save the human race and the world keeps going round. Well that was the trend until we saw the third installment which did not include Megan Fox but did have Shia LaBeouf. Many rumors spread as to why this happened and not including the star studded Megan Fox but once again that did not change the outcome of the film. Micheal Bay has continued to be the director for all four films, however in this fourth installment Shia LaBeouf will not be taking the screen, however your boy Marky Mark Wahlberg will be the main star of Age of Extinction with Nicola Peltz as his daughter.

As we all remember the third movie ended with not so good tensions between the Autobots and humans because the only reason the Decepticons came back last time was to destroy the Autobots once and for all. So now in Age of Extinction the humans have no respect nor trust for the Autobots and declare war on all robots to destroy them once and for all with our military forces. however we will also find that the humans attempt to make their own “Autobots” to help them fight but of course nothing can ever remain for so long, they end up turning on the humans, which helps the Decepticons and their plan to extinct the human race.

***Spoiler Alert- Good thing Marky Mark and his daughter (Peltz) find Optimus Prime and the gang to help them take back their world and bring back the good in the name Autobots and so the humans they can trust them and protect them as long as they remain on earth.

The movie is not out yet so that’s all I want to say without giving to much away or leading into what I think is going to happen in the movie. See for yourself when it comes out at a theater near you !! Thanks and have good day. — J.T.