SPELLBOUND- Everyone Wants the Last Word

“Spellbound” a documentary released in 2002 that follows the lives of 8 kids who are all competing to be number one in the 1999 Scripps National Spelling Bee, directed by Jeffery Blitz who you may know who is the director of ” The Office”. With that said it is just like that same Office humor, with direct interviews and counter interviews still telling a story that seems to be woven but is in order and super funny. I mean I was in tears laughing at this film, the eight kids are so funny but yet it also follows their at home life with parents and family and that is just to die for. It will have you rolling on the ground so hard at some of the stuff that is all natural happening during this film.

You have to one like documentaries and love this awkward interview type set up that is through out the whole film. Each kid has their own special attribute they bring to the table, it could be their personality or the study tactic they may use in order to be the best at spelling. My favorite speller had to Harry Altman who is just so hard to explain with one word. He will have you laughing the whole time. The film opens up with him at the end of the Spelling Bee where he was eliminated for spelling “Banns” wrong. Its funny because most of the kids have been in bees before so they have lost and they never ever forget the word they misspelled that knocked them out of a chance at gold and glory.

The film like I said is a bit aged (2002) and set in 1997-1999 so please keep that in mind but it almost adds to the humor of the characters as well. You can find it on DVD, Netflix, Hulu, or even a full version on Youtube. Please watch and comment ! Thanks ! — J.T.