“Jobs” (2013) Drama biographical film that was directed by Joshua Stern that is based on the life of Steve Jobs. The film takes you from 1974 at Reed College to 2001 where he introduces the first generation I-pod that changed technology forever. The movie was shot in the United States and also India, actors Ashton Kutcher the founder of Apple (playing Jobs) and Josh Gad as the co founder (Steve Wozniak). As a Apple product buyer I was very excited to watch this movie, even though some critics kinda shot down the movie in reviews but that didn’t stop me.

The movie starts in 2001 where Jobs introduces the I-Pod at what they called “Apple Town Hall meeting” and this whole time your seeing this happen from a very wide angle camera shot so you think your almost watching actual footage of jobs. I mean just from actually watching these releases on TV it seemed like it was actually Steve Jobs and maybe they just pulled this from old footage and used it and finally they zoom in after he has been talking and its Ashton Kutcher ! I was truly surprised it was him and not actually Jobs, the body movement and voice and presentation was just so pin point accurate I was amazed and yet happy that they did not over play the part and also under sell the part of playing jobs. It was spot on.

The whole story behind the Apple Inc. is truly a aspiring story of a man who refused to give up on his dreams. Jobs actually dropped out of Reed College because it was to expensive however with permission of the dean (played by James Wood) he was still allowed to take and attend classes which is really cool and would never happen now a days with how people are. Jobs leaves for India where he takes LSD everyday and that is where history and Apple was made.

Great movie with a lot of history and unknown aspects of Apple, it is now out on DVD and Netflix so there is no way you can’t see it. Hope you get to see this movie and enjoy it how I did. And also appreciate your Apple product or products ! Thanks you Appleheads! — J.T.