“Adore” is a Australian-French drama film that was shown at the 2013 Sundance Movie Festival under the title of “Two Mothers”. Directed by Anne Fontaine the film was actually based on a British novel written by Doris Lessing called “The Grandmothers”. Which is the cool thing about independent films that enter these festivals because they always having multiple titles before its all said and done due to what the production company wants to call it after they bought the rights to the film. Lets just say this film was very different and kind of takes you on a wild ride that makes you feel weird but its a true story of love that I don’t believe will ever die.

I watched the movie last night on Netflix in the drama section, and drama is right, I mean a lot of ups and plenty of downs with this film. Two women who are childhood friends and live right down from the road from each other in the town they grew up in (Naomi Watts and Robin Wright). Who both end up having boys at the same time who grow up just like them as lifelong buddies. Naomi Watts ends up losing her husband when her son is about 6 or 7 and she never really tries to find love again…..

Years go by and now the boys are teenagers bout 20 or 21 and they are still just as close as they used to be. One night after dinner, Ian (Watts son) helps his friend Tom to bed after they had drank too much at dinner with there moms. Naomi Watts leaves and goes home, Tom falls asleep, but not Ian or Roz (Wright). Ian goes into the kitchen where he finds Roz and that’s where it all begins. Out of no where they start making out and the sexual tensions are very evident, which leads to thim having sex. Tom discovers that his mom and best friend are having sex, so what does he do ? He goes to Ian’s house to tell Lil (Watts) about the affair. That leads to them having sex….

Roz and Lil confront each other about the situation and they both agree this must stop, well that does not go as planned as all four of them find themselves in love with each others moms and sons. I know how this sounds and trust me I did think twice before watching but in the end it is all about the love, no matter the age, the wrinkles, or what people thought. They knew hoe they felt about each other. Its a great drama and way more to watch and find out ! So get on Netflix and find this bad boy ! Thanks and have a good one ! — J.T.