Goodbye for now

Dear All Readers and Followers,
Thank you for all tuning in weekly and reading my blogs, podcast, videos, and more that I have posted over the months this semester. I have never maintained a full functioning blog like this before and it has been a real joy. I plan to start the blog up once again in the next week once all with finals and graduation have come a complete. I will start to continue to post weekly blogs and posts on movies that I watch over the summer and into the fall of 2014. My twitter and tumblr names may change but I will inform all if something like this is going to happen.
I hope everyone found joy and also new movies to watch over the web, on Netflix, Redbox and ONDemand. I feel there is a lot of movies out there that people have yet to view because so many actors are shifting to independent and non mainstream films. Movies are all over the place, you just need to know where to find them.
Right now I am currently in the process of writing,directing,producing,and filming a documentary “Angels Wear Black – The men of Trooper 4” which follows around the Medivac aviation division of the Maryland State Police. It is a intense joyful thriller filled with action, information, and unheard emotion from different departments in the crew. Look forward to the release via youtube and wordpress in the next week or so. I will keep all updated.
Once again have a great rest of the semester and best luck to all!! This is JT Landon temporary signing off until next time!

J.T. Landon