Zombie Nation

ZOMBIE, a word used a lot now a days more so then ever before I feel. I love the whole “zombie theory” and that the world will end with the dead rising and all. It’s funny and its a fantasy completely constructed from Hollywood films from over the years. And as the years go the these zombie movies always offer a new trait or skill that the zombie adapts. It never gets old and it is what keeps the cycle going and the zombies living (on the big screens, not real life).

“World War Z” directed by Marc Foster is by far one of the best zombie movies I’ve seen in awhile and also had my favorite zombies. This was the biggest spent zombie film to be made in history, costing $179 million to produce it was either going to be the biggest hit or the biggest miss. Making well over its set budget its safe to say it was a huge hit in the US and the UK. It ended up taking the viewers on a roller coaster ride of emotions and has you strapped for action about 5 minutes into the film and holds that pace for most of the film. Action packed and zombie filled this movie makes the zombies very intense and very different from your just mindless walking around flesh eating slow monsters. These zombies are super fast and use each other to make huge walls of each other to take over buildings or go over walls and even take down helicopters (spoiler alert). The movie has been out now in theaters over the summer and has hit DVD and Blu Ray, for any zombie fans this is a must see and even just action adventure fans.

Also Brad Pitt is in the film so I mean come on it has to be great. But really its a great cast and great director who can really put together a great movie but also one that is a well known topic but just a whole different twist which is where I found what I like the most. It was zombie related but not your classic same cast, same situation, same ending. This film is totally different and I hope you have a chance to see it. Thanks and have a good one. — J.T.